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GoDoodle Is The Best Choice!  Why?

Quality -GoDoodle produces the very best art products and keepsakes.  Most products are printed “full bleed,” so we don't leave boring white space on our products and NEVER clip student artwork -See sample below.

Convenience -You'll NEVER have to photograph student artwork!  We scan the artwork, make the products, then send the original artwork and products back to you, ready to be distributed.  Hey...This should be fun for you...NOT work!

Ordering Options -Increase sales by offering parents the option to place orders online or by turning in order forms the traditional way.

Online "Student Art Gallery" -Artwork goes online into a gallery so that future profits may be made long after your project is complete.  Another bonus is that friends and family near and far may view and purchase keepsakes.

Product Templates -Some of our products have specific shapes. We provide templates for you to download.

Free Shipping -When 75 or more orders are placed, we will ship them free of charge. (within continental US)

Free Promotional Materials -To have a successful fundraiser, your families will need a reminder, or two, or three, or four!  LOL!  You will receive flyers to increase interest and remind them of deadline dates.  It boosts interest and excitement and makes for higher sales.

Full Bleed Sample



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