GoDoodle is an Art-based fundraising company,
that makes FUN, FUNctional artwork.
A Students... Parent... Teachers... Best Friend!

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At GoDoodle, we have created a wonderful selection of high quality products in which your kids can create their own masterpieces that will be transformed into a variety of items…from buttons and key-chains, to art tiles, mouse-pads, beverage coolers and coffee mugs.  Children love to show off their artwork, but how many drawings can parents actually hang on the wall?  Imagine that same drawing made into a fun, functional piece of artwork…which will never be thrown away!

GoDoodle is an art fundraising company that helps school art programs raise money for their classrooms.  Low commitment time and a few simple steps makes this school fundraiser one that you and your parents will want to do every year.

Parents may not get excited about fundraisers — but they will get excited about a GoDoodle fundraiser!  That's what makes GoDoodle's fundraising program so exceptional.  Parents have a memorable keepsake, as well as a gift for special people in their child's life, and the school raises valuable funds.

Our program can assist your elementary school, PTA, PTO, camp, hospital, corporation, not-for-profit to create art fundraising opportunities.

GoDoodle is a great program for teacher classroom projects.  It's also the perfect choice for birthday parties.  Kids and adults alike enjoy creating memories that last a lifetime with our unique products.

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